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Would the lady who contacted me a while back concerning her Dad's experiences in Vietnam, please resend her contact email. The message was somehow lost. Thanks.


A former Nha Tranger would like to visit Vietnam, and is looking for anyone who would like to make the trip. If you are interested, here is his contact information:

A1C Gary H. Plep
14th Security Police Squadron
Nha Trang VN 66-67
408 892-9760

Anyone who was in the Nha Trang area around June 1966 might be interested in the following. A UK film company is researching the incident for possible inclusion in a National Geographic series. To quote the company rep:

"What appears to have happened is that one night (we think June 18th or 19th 1966), a lot of mechanical equipment shut down simultaneously and for no apparent reason. Allegedly this included a couple of aircraft at the Air Force base, as well as trucks at a nearby army barracks, bulldozers clearing a nearby hillside and even possibly an oil tanker off the coast. Everything kicked back into life a couple of minutes later and worked fine the following day, but we'd love to hear from anyone who remembers it happening, or even hearing about it from somebody they were serving with. At this point we're just interested in chatting to people over the phone, there would of course be no commitment to being further involved in the series, unless that's something they wanted."

The rep for the company can be contacted at: swright@pioneertv.com. Contact phone is: +44 (0) 20 8102 0241.

Links to Accounts of One of the last Missions Flown by the VNAF in the Battle for Saigon (1975). Glowing_Smart_Dragon.doc         Saigon_Death_Struggle.pdf.

Vietnamese-American Woman Would Like to Locate and Meet Her Father. Check Here.
Doctor Requests Help In Locating American Father of Vietnamese Man. Check Here.

Office of Public Health and Environmental Hazards (VA) is an excellent resource to learn about the dangers of Mesothelioma. Members of the U.S. Armed Services are, unfortunately, the most common victims of mesothelioma due to their increased risk of exposure to asbestos. The military has used asbestos in various aspects of work and construction and ultimately affected close to one million individuals of the 25 million veterans in the U.S.

PUTTING FACES WITH THE NAMES: National League of POW/MIA Families member Candace Lokey has worked for many years trying to locate photos of every American who was MIA or KIA/BNR at the end of the war, to put a face with the name, to make our missing loved ones real. She now lacks only 36 and really needs some help locating these last few. Here is a List of Names along with date of MIA/KIA and hometown. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN.

Would anyone who was at Nha Trang AB on June 27th 1965 during the mortar attack that took the lives of some airmen at the Fuel Dump, please contact Thomas LaRoe adelinatom63@aol.com. He needs the names for a Fallen Profile he is doing on another site. He was working on the C-123s from the 1131st Special Operations Group.

Would anyone who remembers the mining and sinking of a Shell Oil tanker at Nha Trang in April 1967 please contact Barney Boylan, who was a crewman on the tanker. Email: bernardjboylan@eircom.net.

Note from Webmaster: We need some material to add to the site. If anyone has some interesting anecdotes, unit histories, personal recollections, stories of combat operations, etc, send them on by email. I will try to pick what I think might be good readable material. I probably won't be able to use them all, but I will give every one a fair reading. ~ DD

Note from Webmaster: Due to the spam I have been getting on the Guestbook and the time it takes to clear it out, I have decided to go to an email based message board. This way I can screen the messages before they get on the site. Doing it this way will delay the posting of the messages for a few hours. I have replaced the guestbook entry form with an email message form, which will send the information directly to an email account I have set up specifically for this purpose. I have transferred the old messages from the guestbook to the message pages, at least as far back as I have them. The links to the guestbook have been replaced by links to the email message form and the message page. ~ DD


(NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: I need your input on these unit emblems. Some of these may be the emblem of the modern counterpart of the unit, rather than the Vietnam-era unit. If anyone spots an error, let me know.
Thanks to J C Wheeeler at "The EC-47 History Site" for the 361st and 6994th unit patch images. DD

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14th SOW
14th Special Operations Wing
1st SOS
1st Special Operations Sqdn
3rd SOS
3rd Special Operations Sqdn
4th SOS
4th Special Operations Sqdn
5th SOS
5th Special Operations Sqdn
6th SOS
6th Special Operations Sqdn
9th SOS
9th Special Operations Sqdn
14th ACS
14th Air Commando Sqdn
15th SOS
15th Special Operations Sqdn
17th SOS
17th Special Operations Sqdn
18th SOS
18th Special Operations Sqdn
20th SOS
20th Special Operations Sqdn
71st SOS
71st Special Operations Sqdn
602nd SOS
602nd Special Operations Sqdn
604th ACS
604th Air Commando Sqdn
14th APS
14th Air Police Sqdn
361st TEWS
361st Tactical Electronic Warfare Sqdn
6994th SS
6994th Security Sqdn
21st TASS
21st Tactical Air Support Sqdn
310th ACS/TAS
310th Air Commando Sqdn/Tactical Airlift Sqdn
1879th Comm Sq
498th Med Co (HA)
498th Medical Co (HA)
254th Med Co (HA)
254th Medical Co (HA)
5th Special Forces
5th Special Forces Group
222nd PSC
222nd Personnel Service Co
281st AHC
281st Assault Helicopter Co
864th Eng Btn
864th Engineer Btn
569th Eng Co (Topo)
569th Engineer Co (Topo)
6Btn, 71Arty

54th Signal Btn

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