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    10/15/2014 / 3:48PM
    Gary H Plep / camensctr@aol.com

    I was an Admin. Specialist with the 14th Security Police Squadron at Nha Trang 66-67. I would love to hear from anyone. It still kind of haunts me. Especially looking for my boss at the time SSgt Bobbie R. Smith and MSgt Tuck. Would also appreciate any pictures of what the AB looks like now? If my barracks across from my office is still there. Guess I want to put it to rest. Maybe never. I remember a gray alert and it was a joke. Only me and Florer in the office. We were dead if attacked. All of our office lived downtown leaving us to defend by ourselves. So stupid.

    AlC Gary H. Plep

    10/13/2014 / 10:54AM
    Michael C. Jones / mjones199@satx.rr.com

    I was at Nha Trang from Sept 67 until just before Thanksgiving. Spent Thanksgiving in Bangkok on the way back to NKP. I was there from the 23rd TASS NKP Thailand completing acceptance inspections on 02A aircraft coming into country, some of which went to NKP to the 23rd . Between flights of 02's I worked in the 21 TASS Engine shop on O1's plus on C-47's, 123's and 119's. for the wing. I was the idiot who failed to ground the Magneto's during an engine compression check on the 01, 0-470 engine. The engine kicked over and the prop struck my elbow sending me to the dispensary for treatment. Luckily for me it wasn't a serious injury. In 2005 I developed cancer at the base of the tongue. I have never been a smoker and it has been suggested by more than one Doctor Agent Orange is the likely culprit. I struggled for over two years and through a number of surgeries and finally beat the cancer, at least for now. I was there with two crew chiefs from NKP, one who had the nickname AJ because he built slot cars which was a big deal at the time for recreation. There was a contractor from World Airways working with us on the acceptance inspections. I know it's a long shot, but if anyone remembers us I really need a contact. At 19 I failed to keep a copy of my TDY orders and am having a difficult time with the VA. I have some pictures I will send at a later time. At the time I was an E-3. We worked out of two conexes at the far end of the flight line. Thanks!

    My home email is mjones199@satx.rr.com

    Michael C. Jones

    09/24/2014 / 10:56AM
    Ron Duffie / rcduffie@yahoo.com

    Trying to locate personnel who were assigned to the 6253rd / 14th Supply Squadron from June 1965 until July 1966.

    09/10/2014 / 3:52PM
    Ralph C. Thomas III / rthomas@bbttlaw.com

    I just came across your website. I was stationed at Nha Trang Air Base from February 1969 - February 1970. I was assigned to Detachment 4, 30th Weather Squadron. While I was there we went to the moon and Ho Chi Minh died. I lived most of my tour there in something called the contonement area or something like that.

    08/21/2014 / 10:50AM
    Bruce Bowden / bcbowden@atmc.net

    Just happened across your website last night and enjoyed reading the messages from those who were stationed at sunny old Nha Trang. I was there from Oct 1967-Oct 1968 and was the commander Det 12, 38th ARRS for about half of the year. We operated our two HH-43 helicopters out of the corrugated steel buildings on the south side right next to the main runway. I'm curious to know if any of our Air Rescue folks are lurking on the list. Most of my career was in Tac Recce but spent my later years flying helicopters and retired at Myrtle Beach AFB in 1971.

    Bruce Bowden
    Calabash, NC

    07/13/2014 / 3:39PM
    James Vergura / bigkahuna1938@hotmail.com

    My name is James Vergura. I was stationed at Nha Trang from Oct 67 to Oct 68. I was in the Traffic Management Office, working in the freight warehouse. I was also a Customs Inspector for household goods and unaccompanied baggage. When you left VN, you had to come through our warehouse to get your personal baggage inspected. Some of the guys I worked with were, SMsgt Edmond Ogden, MSgt James Royle, Tsgt Jean P. Rivard, SSgt Hilton Langford, SSgt Robert Gomez, SSgt James Pearson, TSgt Gerald Victorian, SSgt Samuel Armour, SSgt Leon Ehnen, SSgt Eleodoro Martinez, SSgt Lee Williams, SMsgt Thurston Woodbury. Any of these people on this message board???

    06/18/2014 / 3:09PM
    Charles Williamson / Noamnesty@ec.rr.com

    I was in Nha Trang 1966-68 with 54th Signal for a few months before going over to E Co 5th Special Forces. Strap hangover with A502. Looking for David Bravo, Kenneth Skinner, Carl Gause .

    05/10/2014 / 11:15AM
    William Moore / wizard2399@sc.rr.com

    I spent my first 3 months and last 3 months of my Nov 68 - Nov 69 tour at Camp McDermott, Nha Trang with the 459th Sig. Bn. We had a commo site near the POL point on the southeast side of the post. I remember playing music with a fellow named Cansler on the American Beach. He played jazz flute and I played a cheap, little dink guitar I bought over there. I remember the night the 5th Special Forces compound got hit with rockets and mortars. I remember the night our company area took about 20 mortars, also.

    My middle 6 months were with the Korean White Horse troops on a hill 22 miles inland from Nha Trang at a signal site called West Nha Trang. I was a Buck Sergeant by then and was in charge of the commo site and three operators. Mike Canterbury from California and Joe Orsulak from Pittsburgh, are you guys still around somewhere? Never could find you after the war.

    William (Bill) Moore
    Originally from Philly, now retired in South Carolina

    04/20/2014 / 8:48PM
    Donald G Hoefke / crush99dmb@sbcglobal.net

    Hi, am looking for anyone that was with me in the 129th Main. Spt. Co., 63rd Signal at Camp McDermott, Nha Trang, Oct. 1967 to Oct. 1968. My MOS was 31l20. We had a shop next to the motor pool. One of the men I was with is Jim Hooks and he had the same MOS, 31l20. A lot of the names I just can't remember, but I do have a lot of pictures and will send some now. Thank you for any help. My e-mail is crush99dmb@sbcglobal.net. My phone is 312-316-8233 and I live in Braidwood, Illinois.

    03/26/2014 / 11:32AM
    Greg Beard / d2gbeard@gmail.com

    Served at Camp McDermott from 6/68 - 6/69 with the 129th Maintenance Support Company (Pie Slice area). Looking for anyone that served w/me. Would really like to make contact w/Lt. Theodore Russin, and Spec Donald Blackburn.

    If you have any illnesses, check with the VA; Agent Orange was heavy in Nha Trang and its killing us.

    Thanks for your service.

    Greg Beard (Spec5)

    03/15/2014 / 5:44PM
    Larry (Painter) / Painterl44483@yahoo.com

    Just looking for anyone who was in the 297th car company in Nha Trang from 1966-1967; we also drove bus from tent city to town and back. Hope to hear from someone.

    Thanks, Larry

    03/03/2014 / 9:50PM
    Andrew Norton / ajnorton096@yahoo.com

    My dad was stationed in Nha Trang in 1967-1968, assigned to the 31st Engineer Detachment. Was looking for photo's and history of this unit. At that time he was Major Graham Norton.

    Andrew Norton

    02/11/2014 / 8:49PM
    Richard Hemenway / dickhemenway@netscape.net

    I was stationed at Nha Trang from November 1967 to July 1969 in the 14th Field Maintenance Group as a reciprocating engine mechanic on the C-47 Spooky Gunships. I also worked on O1s and O2s. Anything with a recip engine. I worked mostly night shift, 7 to 7, and spent the days on the beaches on Hon Tre Island. I was there for Tet 68. I have never heard from anyone in the group, but would like to. I am originally from Massachusetts, but moved to Connecticut shortly leaving Nam. I have lots of photos, but they are in slide form and I am working on getting them digitized. Will post some when available. Anyone remember the Nha Trang Hotel? My email is dickhemenway@netscape.net.

    01/30/2014 / 8:47PM
    Patrick Mc Laughlin / pjmclaughlin54@hotmail.com

    Looking for people that were stationed at the Nha Trang Sig Bn (Prov) APO 96240. This was located on the NW side of the Nha Trang Airbase known as Long-Van Area. I would like to exchange emails.

    SP4 Patrick Mc Laughlin
    (Link to online photo album: Photos)
    (This album has 13 photos and will be available on SkyDrive until 4/30/2014.)

    01/26/2014 / 6:21PM
    Brian Smith / Lakej1@aol.com

    Was stationed at Nha Trang Air Base between November, 1968 and March, 1969. I then was stationed at Phan Rang through the next October and then Stateside. I worked as a munitions mechanic at the bomb dump. Please all vets…. sign up for the Agent Orange Registry at the VA and have the check-up. I now have prostate cancer which is presumed by the VA to be caused by Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. The VA will pay for treatments.

    01/07/2014 / 11:25AM
    Rick Humm / rickhumm@verizon.net

    I was in the Nha Trang Signal Bn (Provencal) Apr-68 through Sep-68. We were just north of the NW end of the Air Strip but outside the base. There was civilian housing between us and the air base that I was told were the families of the Vietnam Air Force pilots (in A-1Es) that were flying from the Air Base.

    We were housed in tents directly under the two big 'billboard' antennas and we ran the communications station (a tape and card relay station) that was part of the original military communications network in country. There are pictures of the antenna's elsewhere here. Down the street a short distance was a small PX, that I bought a nice Minolta camera and lenses at, and further down was the shore where we used to spend our off hours on the beach There was a float anchored out in the water (between the beach and Hon Tre Island) from which we could watch natural saltwater tropical fish (funny what you remember). There was also an EM club on the next street over from the antennas but all I remember there was bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast and Darlene Gillespie, a former Mickey Mouse Club dancer, performing for us - Homeward Bound was a big number.

    I do not remember many of the staff or coworkers as I was only there 6 months (arrived late Apr-68, about a week after Tet) but I do remember two fellows from Sunflower Mississippi there, one was a crop duster, Jones I think. The other, Jim I think, played checkers a lot. There was also a SP6 Knolblach that I was also in school with. I did maintenance and repair of the card and tape transmission terminals.

    Now I believe that this is the same location that Pat Mc Laughlin talked about a few months back (Sep-13). If it is the same place then Pat and I may have overlapped a bit? Pat, sorry I don't know the name of the area, and I have even tried to remember some of the streets and such by looking at Google Maps and enlarging the Satellite views of that area. I can't even remember the names of the streets after seeing them on the map.

    I also know that the yellow GTO that Gene Gomez talked about (Apr-13), was the 'company car' of the IBM service representative of the area. He was our next level of technical support for the IBM card transmission terminals. He (don't remember his name either but I DO remember that car) was told to get any car he wanted before he came over and they would ship it. I can't imagine that he could get 99 octane for that engine in Nha Trang.

    \s\Rick H.

    01/06/2014 / 2:04PM
    Bob Soden / bobsoden@att.net

    I was stationed at Nha Trang from October 1969 to October 1970 with the Air Force Advisory Team 6 attached to the 62nd VNAF Wing. I worked next to the civil airport and lived down the street on Airport Road. It would be great to hear from any of my fellow comrades that served with me. I worked for Major Radke and Colonel Bell. I have only run across one other of my comrades and that was TSgt (then) Charlie Rought.

    01/05/2014 / 12:32AM
    Bob McPhail / makado53@outlook.com

    THKS for site. Anyone out there get multiple sclerosis? Later on in life and I really think I got it from exposure to Agent Orange in RVN IN 66-67. THKS

    12/16/2013 / 11:30PM
    Bob McPhail / makado53@outlook.com

    Was at Trang 66-67 was with Det 1, 14th Aerial Port; loaded airplanes. Went to Phillipines and fell in love for a week. Any body remember me drop me a line. Other email: makado53@yahoo.com

    11/14/2013 / 6:23PM
    Bob "Mac" McPhail / makado53@outlook.com or makado53@yahoo/com

    Glad someone remembers Trang. I was there in 66-67 with Aerial Port Sq. Anyone there who remembers me? My name is Bob "Mac" Mcphail; I loaded airplanes. Drop me a line at makado53@outlook.com or makado53@yahoo.com.

    11/13/2013 / 10:50AM
    Lien McKnight / McKnightlien00@yahoo.com

    I have been in Nha Trang June 65/June66. I have lost track of my friend M Don Mooney, or Moonney (not sure of the spelling). He lived at #4 Hung Vuong St, and worked for accounting/payroll department. He's from Lincoln (NE), I guess. Can anybody help me to find him?

    Thank you,

    11/10/2013 / 12:47AM
    Charles Murphy (charlie332009@live.com)

    I was stationed at Nha Trang AB from Jan 68 to Jan 69. I was assigned to the 1879 Communications Sq. I was quartered in a Hotel in downtown NHA TRANG which was guarded by the South Vietnam military. Would to hear from anyone who was assigned to the 1879 Comm Sq.

    10/28/2013 / 7:50PM
    name (cars@discover-net.net)

    Joe, send me an e-mail at this address: cars@discover-net.net. Was in the 14 FMS AGE shop Jan 66 to Sept 69. Maybe can help you with some info. Have a good one.

    10/15/2013 / 11:20AM
    Joseph Pariseau (judypar@hotmail.com)

    My name is Joseph Pariseau , I served in the 14th USAF Dispensary Nhu Trang from May 68 - May 69. In Nov '68 the air base was under mortar attack. I was injured by sharpel. The VA is telling me I do not have a claim even though I received a Purple Heart, therefore my claim has been denied. The VA is telling me I must have verification from people who were with me during the attack and can verify what injuries I was treated for at the Dispensary ER. Any help of people names, emails phone #’s is greatly appreciated. I can not move forward with my claim unless I have more info.

    Joe Pariseau

    10/04/2013 / 5:30PM
    Steve O'Dwyer (sshires@theglobal.net)

    My father flew O-2B's in the 9th SOS in Vietnam from April 1969 through November 1969. I have a group picture with him and several flight/squadron members in front of one of the units' C-47's (tail code ER). The C-47 in the picture is the same one on the Wikipedia site shown dropping leaflets. My Dad was based in Nha Trang, but his flight (C-Flight) moved to Tuy Hoa in October of that year. Can you or any of the Nha Trang Veterans tell me at which base this picture was taken? I'm submitting this picture as a contribution to your site for the Nha Trang Veterans. We know a couple of the members who have also contributed pictures to the Nha Trang Veterans site (Myron Janzen and Dave Madril).

    I would also like to solicit responses from anyone who flew in Vietnam with my father. His name was Charles (Chuck) Dwyer, Maj. USAF. He was in SAC flying KC-135's before and after his "in-country" tour.

    We have acquired 2 O-2B's and will be restoring at least one to flying condition and the other (no data plate) to a static display aircraft.

    Best Regards,

    Steve O'Dwyer

    09/26/2013 / 8:18AM
    Jim Krawczyk (krawczyk013@icloud.com)

    Good morning, I just found your web pages and was very happy. There was a guy name Al Cross; his email address is no longer in service. Can I or you still contact him. Email address is al.cross5@comcast.net. Please, any info I can contact him. Don't know him but he was there same time.



    09/11/2013 / 1200PM
    Madeline Hall-Whitney (jwmw60@ptd.net)

    Would like to hear from anyone that was stationed with my brother, Lt.Col. Reg Hall, 5th Special Forces, Nha Trang.

    Madeline Hall-Whitney

    09/05/2013 / 10:46AM
    Pat Mc Laughlin (pjmclaughlin54@hotmail.com)

    Hi, I was stationed on the side of the Nha Trang AB 1967-1968. The Unit was Nha Trang Sig Bn (Prov). We were near 14th Trans Bn and 5th SF Base Camp. Also Air Assault Groups and a Fire Station.

    I would like to know what the Area was named.

    Thank you.
    Pat Mc Laughlin

    07/17/2013 / 8:10AM
    Chris Sweeney (Crisss57@aol.com)

    My name is Chris Sweeney. I was in the 575th Med Det from 12/71- 6/72. I worked in the lab. Just looking to hear from someone who might have known me. My memories are foggy, if you know what I mean. I know that I partied with some guys from Philly; I think they were from the motor pool. My lab partner's name was Lance; I don't even remember his last name, but he was a great guy. Any way, welcome home.

    06/26/2013 / 10:12PM
    Martha Nearns (mnearns@yahoo.com)

    I just lost my husband, Joseph Paul Nearns, January 17, 2013 from causes related to Agent Orange. I'd greatly appreciate any help anyone could give me if they remember him, or remember his unit. He was stationed in Nha Trang from 20 Sep 67 thru 15 Nov 69 with HHC 17th Aviation Group (Combat), as a Communication Center Specialist. His MOS was 72B.

    He was from Helena, Arkansas, so he spoke with a very heavy Southern accent, and he'd just turned 18 and left his family, who were living in Argentina at the time. (his dad worked with The Voice of America, and set up radio stations around the world or something like that). I've found nothing in the existing messages.

    So for good or bad, I'd like to hear from any of you that were there during that time, or even might have known Joseph. I would really like to know what things might have been like there for him (besides the excess of drinking and drugs he did mention), and what was he actually did, etc.

    Again, thank you.

    Martha Nearns

    04/07/2013 / 11:04AM
    Gene (Go-Go) Gomez (gogo6869@sbcglobal.net )

    I was stationed in Nha Trang May 1968-May1969 assigned CBPO Personnel and also as augmentee with Security Police. I remember a few names Col. Wong , Capt. Gurd, Sgt Lutz who I ran into in Riverside, Calif. when I wife was being treated for cancer. Remember Rudy Flaska, James E. Blakely, Sgt McDermott. I also took a picture if a yellow GTO from the states in the middle of all those jeeps. I also, as many do, have pictures of back then. I have many pictures of guys I was stationed there with but can't remember names.

    To all of you who served over there no matter what branch you belonged to Welcome Home. Proud to have served with you. Just a quick story about six months ago I volunteered to help a group landscape a house that was built for a vet coming home from Aganistahn who had lost both legs. While sitting down eating lunch a mother and daughter sat next to me and she asked why or what company I was with. I told her I was a Veteran wanting to help one in need. She asked where I was stationed and I told state side bases and Nam she broke down and started crying and I didn't know why. I looked at her daughter and she didn't know either. I asked if she was ok and she said "No, I'm sorry for the way we treated you guys when you got back. I'm so sorry." She later asked if she could give me a hug and she sobbed on my shoulder. Pretty emotional and I told her I'm ok. This was the second time a lady broke down and apologized for the way we were treated. First time was at the wall.

    Take care God Bless all and The USA.

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