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    10/25/2011 / 11:40PM
    Allen McIntyre (akmc@ndsupernet.com)

    I would like to contact Richard D Lee SP15, RA15735803. 5th P.I.D., 1st Field Forces 1968. Richard spent time with my father Bill McIntyre who was a reporter on assignment in Vietnam.
    Allen McIntyre

    10/11/2011 / 8:29PM
    C Dymer (cdymer14@sbcglobal.net)

    I was stationed at Nha Trang Jun 68 to Jun 69 with the 21st TASS, 0-1 and 0-2 Maint. Spent lots of time on the beach.

    10/10/2011 / 1:21AM
    John Hatch (1010297@att.net)

    Hello All

    Just found this site while plunking on the ol'e putter, great to see an read some of the messages.

    1968-69 I was a SSgt 3 lever Helicopter Mechanic at the 20th Air Commando Squadron, name Changed to the 20th Special Operations Squadron while I was in route to Viet Nam. I re-enlisted and cross trained into Helicopters and then I received my orders 6 Mo. out of Tech. School.

    I remember Beddingfield for some reason, but I can't remember the other guys names for some reason. I can still remember their faces though.

    Remember the night we pulled the pin on the white Smoke Grenade?

    I remember that we worked ALL NIGHT allot of times fixing the ol'e "Lucky Tiger" UH-1P Models After leaving Nha Trang on Emergency leave, I was stationed at George AFB, Ca. Started Flying on the H-43, in 71 I received a Flying assignment to NKP Thailand on CH-53's Flew 114 Special Ops Combat Missions in LAOS. I was deployed to Hurlburt Field in 80 as a Cadre of H-53's and Pave Lows in Operation Honey Badger. We were training for another Hostage Rescue Mission into IRAN to retrieve the Embassy Hostages.

    Retired in 1982 as a Master Sgt. Flight Engineer of HH-53's at McClellan AFB, Ca.

    Great to find this site, feel free to contact me at the email address provided below.

    Take Care and Say Hello for me, to anyone who might remember me.

    John Hatch, 1010297@att.net
    Still alive and Kicking at 68

    10/9/2011 / 6:28PM
    Robert "Bob" Combs (baywood1955@aol.com)

    Jim Bedingfield and Frank Trupiano were close friends. Was there when our great commander Frank Difiglia was KIA. God Bless all my former squadron mates!!

    Sgt Robert "Bob" Combs, 20th SOS "Green Hornets," 1968-69

    10/7/2011 / 6:12PM
    Steve Scott (sfscott2011@hotmail.com)

    Vets With a Mission (www.vetswithamission.org & www.vwam.com) will be sending three MEDCAP teams back to Vietnam in 2012. Feb, west of Hue in Hong Ha and A Loui near the Laotion border... treating very poor Montagards. Mar, team south of Danang in the Marble Mountain area. June location TBA. There are still team openings for vets who are always a priority and medical skills are not required. Any vets interested should check out the websites and contact exec director Chuck Ward via web or call me at 941-625-0381.

    09/25/2011 / 3:39PM
    William Frank (cars@discover-net.net)

    Tom, tried to send you an e-mail. Wont go. You forgot the AGE shop, MC-130 Blackbirds, Apr 70 to Feb 71. Last time I saw you was Kadena 1976.

    09/03/2011 / 4:39PM
    Tom Boyle (TheBoyleHouse@aol.com)

    I was stationed in Nha Trang around 1970 and 1971. I would like to know if anyone knew me. I ran the tire shop in a hanger that had hydraulic shop, pant shop and sheet metal shop. I had a 4 wheel buggy that was turned into a cart that carried C-130 and C-123 tires. If any one knew or remembered the shop and the white boat named The Shark please e-mal me.

    08/10/2011 / 11:15AM
    Steven Antonacci (please21@aol.com)

    Hi, my name is Steven Antonacci. I was in Nha Trang from Nov 1968 to Nov 1969 in the 54th Sig Batt doing communications in the Nha Trang area. Just want to say hi to Darryl Schultz and Don McIntyre and anyone that was there at that time in the 54th. Drop me a line. My email is please21@aol.com

    08/08/2011 / 7:43AM
    Jennifer Smith (jennks84@gmail.com)

    Hi my name is Jennifer Smith, I came across a picture that was of my Father and a friend. On the back of the photo is said 1967 Nha Trang-South Vietnam. My fathers name is James Allan Smith Jr. and his friend that was also in the photo name is David L. Holtkamp. Does anyone here remember them? If anyone has any information please feel free to email me at jennks84@gmail.com

    7/31/2011 / 4:54PM
    Russell Critchfield (nikkidog1984@gmail.com)

    Looking for anyone that was there or knows about 1st Flight detached (123s)between April 1970 and April 1971. Please email me or respond to post.

    7/24/2011 / 12:21AM
    Jesse Gump (jesse45039@yahoo.com)

    I was actually stationed with the Korean 9th ROK Infantry in Ninh Hoa several miles north of Nha Trang. I am looking for a travel mate who would like to return to Vietnam. I'm doing it for closure to a part of my life. Ninh Hoa is isolated and Nha Trang is the closest US base. Anyone besides me have an urge to return? If yes, please contact me. Thanks.

    7/13/2011 / 10:51AM
    Stephen Wallace (wreckdiver67@gmail.com)

    I was at Nha Trang August 65 to August 66. I was assigned to the 1879th Comm Squadron, but I don't remember the detachment number...4 or 7. Our duty station was across the road from the 8th Army Field Hospital. I was in radio maintenance for flight facilities. We seemed to get hit on every American holiday. So, who else from the 1879th is out there?

    7/5/2011 / 1:45PM
    Ray Sanford (rs1983@me.com)

    I had been looking for a photo of the White Buddha at Nha Trang. I lived down the street from it from 66-68 when I worked for Air America as an Operations Manager stationed there. I was at the buddha 30 minutes before it was taken over by VC during TET '68. Your site pictures brought back a few memories. Thanks for pics.

    Ray Sanford

    5/23/2011 / 6:27AM
    Larry Nosker (breakdown6@roadrunner.com)

    I was stationed at Nha-Trang 68 - 69. Reciprocating Engine mechanic that worked on O-1, O-2, C123, AC119, AC47, A1E and H,and C7A as well as a host of transient aircraft. Arrived from Hurlburt Field in Florida. Was there when North switched from mortars to rockets and walked them up the flight line during the day. Also was at Da Nang, Bein Hoa, Phan Rang, Pleiku, and Saigon. Anyone know where I can get a 14 SOW patch.

    Larry Nosker
    UASF/NCANG Retired
    YRC Retired

    4/28/2011 / 12:18PM
    Rick Randall (rlnbonz@yahoo.com)

    Did my tour in Nha Trang from Jul 67 to Jul 68. Worked in supply with a great group of guys: Val, Frank, Ken, Craig, Turner and many more. Hope you are all doing well. NBA Trang Gang 67-68

    4/11/2011 / 10:43AM
    J.C. (Zeke) Zietlow (looking42z@yahoo.com)

    My Uncle, Laurence (Zeke) Zietlow was CSM of the 54th Signal and later CSM of the IFFV...KIA 10/67

    Thank all of you for your service.

    03/28/2011 / 6:28PM
    Alan Brush (alanbrush@sbcglobal.net)

    I served with the 16th MP Group in Nha Trang from June 1967 to June 1968. Col Shanklin was our C.O.; we were stationed at Camp McDermott. I'm interested in hearing from any of the guys I served with at that time. I remember Mike McDonald, who I have talked to, and he lives in New York.

    3/21/2011 / 6:14PM
    David Elovecky (gpdse@aol.com)

    AC47 (Spooky) mechanic 1969. Anyone remember those days? It's been along time.
    David Elovecky, SSG

    2/27/2011 / 10:00PM
    Alan Griggs (alangriggs68@aim.com)

    I was stationed in Nha Trang 72 - till the last day we were there March 28 1973. I was in the Finance and Payroll. Also I was in Qui Nhon in early May 72. Anyone from that time please contact me. Trying to lock down some dates for the VA benefits.
    2/10/2011 / 4:16PM
    Ronnie Ferguson (rferguson@turner-industries.com)

    Assigned to Nha Trang Oct. 70 to Dec. 71. MACV Advisory Team 11. Barracks in Camp McDermott, directly behind NCO Club. Had some good friends with the 201st Avn Group-Red Barons. Like to hear from any Red Baron or MACV Team Members. Accidently found this site. Brings back a lot of memories.

    22/8/2011 - 10:53PM
    Manuel R. Sanchez (troublemoo@gmail.com)

    Looking for anyone who served with the 155 Helicopter Assault Team between the summer of 67 - 68, First Field Corps, Nha Trang. Please send any responses by email.
    Mex/Chili Pepper

    2/5/2011 - 8:22PM
    Larry Lineberger (llineberger4@carolina.rr.com)

    I was stationed at Nha Trang in 1969 in the 1879 Comm Squadron. I worked in the control tower. While I was there Nha Trang was the busiest single runway airport in the world. We had two controlers controlling the runway at the same time. The Vietnamese were on one side of the tower while we were on the other. We were on UHF, they used VHF. We coordinated with each other to establish the sequences for arrivals and departures. If you pilots knew what went on you might not have flown...it was crazy. I am still an air traffic controller for the DOD at Ft. Rucker at Cairns Approach Control. We are the busiest military facility in the world. Ft. Rucker is the primary training facility for our military for helicopter pilots as well as many foreign nations. I've worked at Atlanta and Miami approach control facilities, but this place is as wild as any place i've ever been (except for Nha Trang)

    1/12/2011 - 7:12PMe
    Richard Delpino (rdelpino743@gmail.com)

    1st Flt Det May 69-70
    Crew chiefed the whiskey birds. Loved em. I'd like to thank the guy that put his boot to my passed out butt at the back of the theater after the flat bed show. It got hit that night.
    THANK YOU !!!!

    12/11/2010 - 5:18PM
    Michael McShea (mbmshooter@att.net)

    After arriving in-country I promptly learned that my assignment with MACV-HQ in Saigon had been changed to 22nd Finance in Nha Trang. Where in the world is that? Camp McDermott was home from Jul 66 to Jul 67. It was an...interesting year! I remember the mess hall getting rocketed with loss of several men. Does anyone recall the mortar attack that took place around Apr 67? I received a shrapnel wound but treatment never found its way into my file. Hence, no Purple Heart.

    I would appreciate it if anybody could recall the date.

    11/20/2010 - 5:08PM
    Jerry L. Shultz (jlshultz@aol.com

    I served in G-3 Plans at the IFFV HQ in the Grand Hotel from Dec 65 to Nov 67. Then transferred to MACV Adv. Team 35, also in Nha Trang. Served there until July 69. Endured TET of 68 at the MACV compound where we killed 41 NVA who were holed up in a nearby villa. Still have the slides I took. Lost several MP's from the 272nd MP Co. I saw one take a hit in the forehead; another was picked off a nearby water tower by an NVA sniper.

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