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    11/16/2010 - 11:00PM
    Gary V Anderson (garyandersoncpa@gmail.com)

    Did anyone get a look at the statue of the French unknown soldier on a hill behind the Nha Trang NCO training facility? I am looking for a picture of it on the internet with no luck. It was in range with a 50 caliber from the firing range.

    8/7/2010 - 7:54AM
    Gary J. Bosco (gary.bosco@cardinal.com)

    Was a medic assigned to flight surgeon office of 90th SOS at Nha Trang from 71-72. Would appreciate reading anything vets have to post for their time at NT, or hearing from anyone stationed there.

    Well wishes to all you bravely served.

    7/23/2010 - 7:49PM
    Jim Richards (jrichards@macslab.com)

    Does anyone remember a few airmen from 355 TFW Takhli AFB in Thailand coming TDY to Nha Trang sometime around Feb to April of 1969 to repair some AC130 aircraft? If so please contact me. jrichards@macslab.com

    6/23/2010 - 5:53PM
    Thomas LaRoe (adelinatom63@aol.com)

    If anyone was at Nha Trang AB on June 27th 1965 during the mortar attack that took the lives of some airmen at the Fuel Dump, I need their names for a Fallen Profile I am doing on the site I am on now. I was there but have forgotten their names. I was working on the five C-123s from the 1131st Special Operations Group. I was later sent to DaNang AB 20th TASS in August with the O-1E FAC planes when they started arriving in Vietnam in July of 1965.
    Thank you.

    Thomas LaRoe

    5/27/2010 - 8:54AM
    Jimmie Gonzalez (csmgonzalez@gmail.com)

    Looking for Sergeant (E5/E6) James Watson who was at 5th SF Hq in Nha Trang 1970/71.

    Can someone help?

    5/4/2010 - 12:22AM
    Gary Anderson (garyandersoncpa@gmail.com)

    To Barney Boylan: I was standing guard in a small shack in front of the Grand Hotel when that Shell oil ship was hit. Pissed my pants with fear! Later I got to see the photos inside the Grand Hotel of the hole in the bottom.

    Gary V Anderson
    713 Madison Ave N
    Bainbridge Island WA 98110

    4/25/2010 - 12:10PM
    Barney Boylan (bernardjboylan@eircom.net)

    I hope you guys will not mind me posting on your site. I was a crew member on the MV Amastra, a Shell tanker, in Nha Trang in April 67. We had a full cargo of JP4 for the Air Force. We were mined and sunk, and brought to Camp McDermott and spent a few days there before flying by Air Vietnam to Saigon. Any body remember this incident? Best wishes.

    Barney Boylan, Merchant Navy (British); I am Irish.

    4/20/2010 - 7:46PM
    William Frank (cars@discover-net.net)

    Was in the 15 / 90 SOS AGE shop from Apr 70 to Feb 71. Was at Nha Trang Jan 67 to Sept 69. They down sized the base and I got shipped to Phu Cat. Extended and got back and into the Blackbirds. Sure enjoyed the trips to Clark AFB. Retired Jun 84.

    Ret. CMSgt William Frank
    Hixton Wi. 54635

    4/19/2010 - 4:28PM
    Louis Miller, 14th FMS (papafrank3410@bresnan.net)

    I hope all is well with you guys. Things are fine here. Spring is here and now I HAVE to clean the yard. At least with the snow, my yard looks as good as the rest of them.

    I have hit a brick wall trying to locate the other members of our crew. If any of you have ANY info on the other guys let me know. All I have is names and AF ser #’s. I know Cecil came from IL. But his last duty was in TX some place. Bobby E Dodgens lived around Columba, SC. His name came up once but with no address or phone #. I thought I had found Ralph Shanks in Manhattan KS. Sent a letter and never received a reply. I was told to look for Watson in CA, OR area. Any idea how many Watson’s live in that area? John Shaw, I think, was from PA. But they have a ton of Shaw’s in that area,

    I have been going by the ser # to locate the states they came from. Trouble is one number could come from as many as nine states, Richard D Watson’s ser # is 19562199. That number covers WA, OR, CA, ID, MT, NV, UT, and AK.

    So if you have thing at all that might help find the rest of the crew. Please send it on to me.



    4/6/2010 - 3:09PM
    Michael Wiest (mtwiest@comcast.net)

    5th Public Information Detachment, IFFV/SRAC from January to October 1971. Behind the HQ in the Grand Hotel. My short tour in Nha Trang and Vietnam changed my life. Welcome home. My MOS was 1203.

    3/13/2010 - 1:48AM
    Roger Hoffman (hoffmanroger@mac.com)

    I hope your webside is not finished. I served at Nha Trang AB, 1879 Comm Sq, Jan 67-Jan 68. Noticed Joe Bennet posting. He was my bunkmate.Country Cousins were great. David Williams was a great friend, James Henderson from New York, and Smitty from somewhere who flew in a Huey to Cam Rahn Bay with me to see James in the Hospital were also great friends. I have some great pictures of Nha Trang in 1967. Will post them if site is still up.
    Roger Hoffman

    3/6/2010 - 1:53AM
    Mike Kirwan (michaelpkirwan@gmail.com)

    Was stationed with 14th USAF Dispensary from Oct '68 til Mar 69'. Served with Dr. Fields as I was the Charge of Quarters for the emergency room. Bill Oldham was in the ER with me and we both worked a great deal with Dr. Fields. I remember when he got married on leave. About a week or so after I got home I received the letter from Dave Coyle informing me that Dr. Fields was killed in a helicopter crash when caught in a cross-fire only about 12 miles from the dispensary. Still have the letter and read it every few years or so. He was tireless in his willingness to teach you anything he knew about medicine. We did a lot of surgery and he was a wizard with cast application. That letter is all I have of my Vietnam experience and the cherished memories of all the time spent learning from the doc. He would've been .... well, he was just the best. I always wondered what became of his wife. Think she was a nurse at L.A. General Hospital.
    Mike Kirwan
    14th USAF Dispensary CQ

    2/7/2010 - 1:00PM
    Richard E Strauss (kciwood@embarqmail.com)

    I served in the 54th Signal Battalion 1966-1967 for about 6 months. Worked in the Com. Center behind the Grand Hotel HQ. I then went to an attachment at C0. B 5th Special Forces Pleiku. My next assignment after Vietnam was Ft. Carson Colorado. Hating that, I volunteered to return to Vietnam and was with the 121st Signal Battalion 1st Infantry Div. Lai Khe 1968-1969.

    12/6/2009 - 10:09PM
    Vernon Kerksieck (vernk_cass@yahoo.com)

    I was at Nha Trang 66/67, Pleiku 69, and TDY to DaNang, Bien Hoa and Phang Rang 65. I love your site. Brings back a lot of memories I have hid for 42 years. I was POL a/c refueling. I am a AFCM recipient from Nha Trang also. I have a few pictures of the beach and the Nha Trang hotel down town with a local gal.
    Veteran SSGT Vernon Kerksieck USAF

    11/30/2009 - 11:21PM
    Larry Weaver (weav55@hotmail.com)

    With IFFV Arty and was a SSB radio operator. Lived in Tent City till just about end of tour then moved to wood barracks.

    Sorry I found this sight way to late but good being here. Wish I could'da got to a reunion. In country 11/66-11/67

    11/23/2009 - 8:17PM
    Gary Mills (g31e20x@aol.com)

    A big salute to all that have served our country!

    I was at Camp McDermott from Feb67 to Feb68 I was with the 54 th Sig Batt HQ Co. Willy G Bell was the CO at the time. Sgt Major Zitlow was the best Sgt Major to serve under. The crossbow club was at the end of HQ Co row of tents. Does anyone remember the "Blue Star Combo," a couple of gals from PI. Awesome show! Check out the the following web page: allveteransreunion.org. Good hunting troopers. Watch yer six.

    11/21/2009 - 8;25PM
    Wayne C Fox (foxden97@aol.com)

    I was stationed in Nha Trang in 1970-71 at the SATCOM station next to Binh Tan SF outpost. Have some pics at: http://www.nhatrangsatcom.com

    11/13/2009 - 3:02PM
    Jack Feehery (scoach12@yahoo.com)

    Just wanted to say hello to any of those I served with from 68-69.I always remember you all and hope all is well with you. If there is ever another reunion please contact me.

    11/7/2009 - 6:43PM
    Tom Branham (tom.branham@comcast.net)

    Was at Nha Trang in '65 as a radio repairman with DASC Alpha in a tent on the Special Forces compound. It later moved to First Field Forces Headquarters. After the Military, returned to Nha Trang and worked as a communications advisor with the Vietnamese National Police in the buildings next to FFV headquarters near the beach. Returned after Tet and worked at the Autodin next to the air field. I have a lot of good memories of the place. My wife and I went over there for vacation in 2006; you wouldn't recognize the place with high rise buildings and the beach area built up. We stayed on Hon Tre island in the middle of the bay. It was beautiful and this time quiet. Welcome home everyone.

    11/7/2009 - 12:35PM
    Gary Anderson (garyandersoncpa@gmail.com)

    I was with the 54th Signal Battalion. We operated the communication center behind the Grand Hotel, among other things. I was in Nha Trang 67-68 and was driving the last vehicle to make it back to McDermott before Tet erupted. Looking for Charlie Brown who could do an impersonation of Sgt Maki.

    9/10/2009 - 11:09PM
    Jane (Crystalwomn@aol.com)

    My father Lt. Col. Donald M. Nay was exec at the hospital in Nha-Trang. Does anyone remember him. I would like to know more of his time in Vietnam. My brother is currently in Hanoi, with the American Embassy. He has paid a visit to the hospital at Nha-Trang. It is still in operation. Any information on my father's time there is greatly appreciated.  Jane

    Grametbaur & Associates
    Legal Nurse Consultants
    231 E. Alessandro Blvd, Suite A, PMB 109
    Riverside, CA 92508

    8/20/2009 - 11:10PM
    Robert C. Maynard III (c3controls1@gmail.com)

    I was stationed at Nha-Trang from Tet 68 to Feb. 69 with 21st. Tass. I spent 6 months at Pleiku also. I was a 30151 Aviaonics Technician primarily on O2's and O1's. I came there from the 436th CEMS, Dover Delaware. I have a friend from Nha-Trang, James Kearman who was a ground radio operator and lives in Florida now. I still have movies I shot during TET and at Pleiku. God bless all of you who are still living and would love to hear from anyone from my squadron. It is great to find this site. Had a lot of good times at the playboy club, great Pizza. Thanks 5th SFG. My squadron comander was Col. Fereigo (Spelling?) We had one whale of a party for him when he rotated. Naturally we got hit that night about 2 AM and again about 3:30 AM while the earth was still spinning. I flew with Capt Kemp in 19555 O1F as well as others.

    5/31/2009 - 12:21PM
    John Fox (tuyhoajohn@charter.net)

    I'm a little confused from reading the history of Nha Trang. I had already spent about 22 months in-country (Tuy Hoa, Tan Son Nhut and Cam Rahn) when I wound up in Nha Trang in May of 71. I was attached to the 90th SOS for security purposes (detached from Cam Rahn). There were a total of about 21 Security Police there to provide protection for the C-130 and C-123 aircraft (I still have a copy of my orders in and out). I departed for CONUS on 11 Oct 71--why is 90th SOS never mentioned?

    4/24/2009 - 3:04PM
    Donna Ross Frescura (Donna@cfcorp.com)

    Just found this group as I continue my decades long search for Vietnam info about my dad.

    His name was Don Ross ( SSG Donald E Ross) He was 5SFGA , A-503,commander 4th company Mike Force, not sure which Corps that was a part of.

    I know that Greg "Lon" Stoltz was his deputy commander, and that he served in Nha Trang. He was KIA 23rd April 1969, in Darlac

    I would love contact with anyone that may have known him or known of him. He was a West Virginia boy. I'd just like to know what he was like, especially over there.

    4/6/2009 - 8:39PM
    Robert Chamberlain (zbzb1@msn.com)

    I came across the Nha Trang veterans page today and found the info written by Tom Jacobs very informative. I served in Nha Trang from 1967-1969 on PBRS, RIVER PATROL BOATS. I was in the Navy and served 18 months there. I first arrived in Cam Rahn Bay and was thean sent to Nha Trang soon after, I was part of the IUWG UNIT. I was 21 when I arrived in Vietnam. It is a beautiful place now and would love to visit there again now that the war is over. However my finances keep me from being able to travel there. Love looking at the images of Nha Trang and rembering those times there.

    4/6/2009 - 6:56PM
    T C Sloan (fifty32000@yahoo.com)

    Welcome back guys. I arrived at Nha Trang the night TET started in "68". Slept through the first 3 mortar attacks starting just after midnight. I was assigned to Duck Hook acft., Black C-123's. I made a trip TDY to NKP, Thailand sometime around their water festival. What a welcome we got after touchdown and trying to clean up our engines. We were hosed down by guys using "douche cans" with water in them. I was made the target of our shop chief, CMSGT Gunser, lifer supreme, for all his irritable thoughts and mental misgivings. The man seemed to have a mission to make my life miserable. I made sgt. and had a few words with him......son of a gun if he didn't take what I had to say at heart and "literally" manhandled the first shirt into transferring me to Transient Alert. Life really changed for the better after that. The NCO's running TA were sharp and rational. I missed the guys on the Black Birds, but it had come down to a point of me or the CMSGT and I think he made the right choice. While in TA, I was also able to park the first AC-119's to arrive in country. Can you believe they celebrated with Schlitz beer, if my memory is working okay. I also remember the night that the Navy put the word out on base, that the New Jersey battleship was going to be shelling the mountain south of the base, from 10-15 miles off shore at 0430. It seems like everyone but the sky cops had the info, because as soon as the ship cut loose, the Cops on the beach patrol started to call in "incoming rounds from the sampans" out around the island. Lots of confused radio chatter.
    Great site, thanks...........Bobby

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