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    4/4/2009 - 9:27PM
    J Winn (jwinn@cableone.net)

    Would like to hear from anyone that was with the 14th SPS 68-69. Was browsing and waxing, weird nostalgic and all, and found web site. Please email me.

    3/4/2009 - 1:32PM
    Dr John Mundt (john.mundt@va.gov)

    Hi: My name is Dr. John Mundt. I work at the VA in Chicago, and am trying to assist a veteran with service in Nha Trang locate people and info that can help support a VA claim. Kirk Daniels is the vet: he served as a medic at the 94th Medical Evacuation hospital in Nha Trang, from the establishment of that hospital there in 1966, thru January of 1967. He gave all the penicillin shots on the medical wards. Kirk is an African-American guy, 5'5", from here in Chicago. We're looking for anybody who may remember him, but ALSO for anybody who may have served in that medical hospital at that time. Best way to contact Kirk is thru me, at the above email address here at the Jesse Brown VA in Chicago.

    2/8/2009 - 1:54PM
    Johnny Dunn (neanderthal286@hotmail.com)

    I was stationed at Camp McDermott from 11-67 to 11-68. My work area was at the Grand Hotel, as a member of the IFFV air and ground messenger service. I am hoping to contact anyone I was stationed with. My email address is neanderthal286@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you.

    1/19/2009 - 6:30AM
    Jasenka Cigic (J.Cigic@gmail.com)

    I have been looking for my long lost relative called MILAN PAUL NOVKOVICH, who had served in the US Army Air Forces. I found a person bearing this name in your message board and sent him a mail to mnovkovich@aol.com, but the message has not unfortunately reached him. I would be grateful if you could help me contact Mr Milan Paul Novkovich (send me his updated mail address) and possibly find my lost relative. Thank you most warmly. Jasenka Cigic

    11/3/2008 - 7:11AM
    Harold McCallum (hmccallum@sbcglobal.net)

    I was an Air Force E-2 aircraft machanic when I arrived at Nha Trang in July 1965. I worked on C-123 aircraft of the 310th ACS.

    7/21/2008 - 8:29PM
    William Frank (cars@discover-net.net)

    Looking for people in the 14 FMS AGE shop 1967 - 1969. Also 15 / 90 SOS, and First Flight AGE shop, MC-130 and C-123K, blackbirds.

    7/17/2008 - 4:26PM
    Ken Waldorf (kkrw1007@aol.com)

    Enjoyed Your Site......I Believe You Will Find James Davis Was Killed In 1961..He Was The First American Killed In Combat, Although A Few Died Before Him, He Was The First Killed In Combat......I Was Stationed With The 509 Rr Group, 144th Avn Co. Rr At Nha Trang...Dec 1966-dec 1967...Keep Up The Great Work........Ken Waldorf

    6/24/2008 - 2:20PM
    Ken Carper (kencarper@comcast.net)

    Any one from the 9th air commando squadron, please contact me thru my e-mail, Thank You, Ken Carper

    6/7/2008 - 8:27AM
    John Walts (wolfgang-usw@msn.com)

    I was at Nha Trang in 1965-1966.

    The base is now closed and has a fence around it. All flying is at Cam Ran (sp) Bay. My wife and I spent a few days there this January.

    The unit I was with was the 310 Air Commando Squadron. It had the c-123b/k. It was a detachment in early 1965 with the squadron stationed in Saigon. In the fall of 1965 the whole unit was moved to Nha Trang and was still there in April 1966 when I left. I do not remember when the squadron designations changed from the 310ACS.

    6/6/2008 - 10:41AM
    Ron Keaton (ronald.keaton@dentoncounty.com)

    I was at Nha Trang, with the 14th CES,January 1968 till September 1969. Vaguely remember a tiger as the squadron mascot.Retired from the Air Force in February 1993.

    6/4/2008 - 12:57PM
    John Brooks (jbdpi4ms@aol.com)

    I was at Nha Trang AB from 6 Aug 1969 - 6 Aug 1970. I was with Detachment 1, 14th Aerial Port Squadron and we handled all the men, women and cargo that came through the base. How do I contact others there during my period? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    6/3/2008 - 9:41PM
    Bob Schwanke (rbs@cccomm.net)

    I was at Nha Trang AB from Feb 68 through Jun 69 and worked in the CBPO (personnel office). Originally had orders for Da Nang and when I got there, signed in and started to process, was diverted to Nha Trang. At first it irritated me, but later found out that it was a blessing. Spent many hours on the Nha Trang beach and in town. Anyone remember the small compound in Nha Trang city, which I think was run by the Army? It had a nice NCO club and excellent food, along with a fantastic view of the bay. I had quite a few buddies who were medics. Any and all emails will be appreciated.

    5/12/2008 - 11:47PM
    Inez Berg (inez_brg@yahoo.com)

    Does anybody remember Robert Berg, sheet metal shop? He was assigned to the 327th CAMRON, then shortly reassigned to a base in Thailand. From what he said, he spent a lot of time on the Beach waiting for his new orders.

    4/8/2008 - 7:41PM
    Alan Jackson (alan@miacarljackson.com)

    Would like to know if anyone knew or knew of my dad, Capt. Carl E. Jackson, USAF. He was attached to: 1st Flight Detachment, 1131st Special Activities Squadron, MACV-SOG. 12th det. He was a pilot flying C-123's, greyghost missions stationed out of Nha Trang. www.miacarljackson.com, In Memory of My Father

    3/23/2008 - 4:44
    Louis F. Miller (papafrank3410@bresnan.net)

    Looking for the troops of the 14th FMS R-1830 Engine Build Up Shop 67-69. Please contact me at the above E-Mail address or John C. Hille at: taplac@aol.com

    3/19/2008 12:25AM
    MIke Donnelly (Capt, USN ret) (mvdonnel@bigpond.net.au)

    I was a Navy Lieutenant stationed at the Vietnamese Naval Training Center in '71-72. Lived in the navy barracks at Camp McDermott. Came across this website while surfing in a nostalgic mood. The photos bring back a lot of memories. Spent 28 more years in the Navy and retired in 95. Would like to hear from (Foul) Pete Fowler, Dick Faddis, Don (the Bird) Eschelman, or any other guys from the Navy or Army barracks across from us, in 71-72.

    3/18/2008 5:36PM
    Ron Leighton (akdilligas@starband.net)

    I'm looking for the unit that was straight down the road from I would say the southeast gate of camp McDermott Nha Trang. The gate was on the beach road and as your out looking at Nha Trang bay the gate was on your right. The best of my recollection the unit had a scorpion on it but not real sure. I need to know this unit. I'm trying to get a report that was written in dec 1966! As I recall driving down the road from the gate maybe 1/4-1/2 mile you came right to it. Help me please.

    3/18/2008 2:31PM
    Dan Gregg (dgregg@sigmarep.com)

    Can anyone tell me if LTC Earl Woods, father of Tiger, served with any particular unit of the 5th at Nha Trang? Thanks, DJG

    3/5/2008 9:21PM
    Joe Collins (jtc.joseph@gmail.com)

    Greetings - Was stationed in Nha Trang June '70 to February '71. Air Force. Unit: 327th Combat Support Squadron (CSS) - clerical work in commander's office. The only other name I remember in that unit was Airman Boehme.

    2/14/2008 11:09PM
    Earl B Seago (earl.seago@sbcglobal.net)

    I was there in 1968 for 4 mos, and then to Phu Cat AFB. I was with the civil engineers squadron C.E.S. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who can remember me. Thanks, Earl B. Seago

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