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    AGENT ORANGE REVIEW: The VA publishes a newsletter regarding Agent Orange Issues. To get on the distribution list, write to the AGENT ORANGE REVIEW, AUSTIN INFORMATION CENTER (200/397A), 1615 Woodward Street, Austin, TX 78772. They also have an enhanced website devoted to Agent Orange issues: www.va.gov/agentorange.
    PURPLE HEART AND OTHER DECORATIONS: I was contacted regarding the award of the Order of the Purple Heart for a deceased father or relative. I was not awrded the Purple Heart for my services in Vietnam, but I have always assumed that if you received an injury which requires documented medical attention during a combat operation against the enemy, you are normally entitled to this award. However, I don't really have the criteria for this award available. If any of you know, please let me know. While I was a member of our Count Council, I had frequent contact with our County Veterans Affairs Representative, and I know he was often involved in helping citizens obtain documentation, which usually resulted in the award or decoration being issued. Therefore, I suggest that this person be contacted about these matters. Local veterans' organizations (VFW, American Legion, etc) are also good sources for this information.


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